About Us

Our Statement of Quality Policy

MJCA provides a comprehensive environmental consultancy service for UK and overseas organisations. We operate and set technical and professional standards of the highest order and control by experience, expertise, capability, performance, safety and quality. We ensure that customer satisfaction is enhanced wherever possible. Our recommendations are in accordance with the protection and improvement of the environment.

It is our policy to implement and maintain an effective Quality System supported and operated by all of the Company staff in order to achieve these objectives.

All employees are trained and held responsible for performing their duties in accordance with the Company quality policy and the Quality Assurance Manual. The Quality System is reviewed periodically and is revised as and when necessary to meet changes in the needs of the Company, our clients and regulatory bodies.

The Quality System is in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2015

Our Mission

To work with our clients as an effective team to provide a consistently high quality service based on a sound understanding of the importance and means of protecting the environment while recognising the commercial needs or our clients

Our Vision

To be the quality supplier of choice for technically excellent, accurate and commercially appropriate environmental advice to our clients and to meet the professional aspirations of our valued assets – our staff.

Our Purpose

To be our clients’ competent, reliable and friendly quality specialists. To work as part of the client’s team to help them achieve their commercial goals whilst ensuring protection and enhancement of the environment.

To be profitable and to continue to grow in a controlled and sustainable way.

Our Objectives

To set and consistently achieve the highest standards of professionalism, service and technical excellence.

To provide a welcoming and fulfilling work environment that will attract, nurture and retain competent people who are valued as members of our effective team.

To stimulate the continual professional development of all in the team and to ensure that we remain aware of and anticipate technical, commercial and regulatory changes that affect our services and our business.

Our Assets

Our people with their technical and management skills together with their professional dedication and drive always to do their best.

Our collective experience and depth of understanding of the issues of importance to our clients and the environment.

Our willingness and the desire of all in our team to share our knowledge and experiences to benefit, develop and mentor others.

Our individual and collective belief that we are all fulfilling a worthwhile role and contributing in an informed and practical way to the protection and enhancement of the environment.