Planning and Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Assessment of development potential
  • Landscape and restoration design
  • Planning applications
  • Applications for Development Consent
  • Supporting statements
  • Environmental assessment and statements
  • Negotiations and statutory consultees
  • Public Inquiries
  • Community consultation and liaison

MJCA provides a comprehensive range of planning services including the negotiation and submission of planning applications, applications for Development Consent and the appropriate consultation and supporting information.

To determine the viability of a proposed development we undertake feasibility assessments of the critical environmental and planning issues. For appropriate sites we make representations to the planning authority in support of inclusion in the Local Development Document and if necessary present evidence at the Local Development Document Inquiry.

We prepare comprehensive statements to accompany planning applications and applications for Development Consent which include information on the need for and the economic benefits of the development, a study of the national and local planning policies and a consideration of the potential environmental effects of the development.

We have a sound understanding of the Environmental Impact Assessment legislation and prepare robust Environmental Statements in accordance with best practice. Our consultants are fully qualified and experienced in the appropriate disciplines to provide the complete range of planning and environmental assessment services for a wide variety of developments.

The scope of any assessments carried out as part of an Environmental Statement need to be clearly defined and agreed so that all the key issues are addressed effectively. In consultation with the appropriate statutory consultees and other interested parties, MJCA determines the environmental issues that should be considered, focusing on the likely significant environmental impacts. Based on the results of the scoping exercise our integrated teams undertake comprehensive environmental assessments. Where appropriate we design practical measures for the mitigation of identified environmental impacts.

We have considerable experience in negotiating with statutory authorities on the scope and content of planning applications, applications for Development Consent and Environmental Impact Assessments and negotiating with consultees on all technical aspects.

We are confident in the preparation and implementation of plans for the engagement of the local community and other stakeholders to provide an understanding of proposals and their impacts and to minimise adverse perceptions. We prepare display material and attend public meetings and open days as appropriate throughout the public consultation stage of a development and routinely provide expert witnesses for Public Inquiries and other hearings.

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