CQA of Low Permeability Barrier Systems

  • Selection and assessment of materials for mineral barrier systems (source evaluation reports)
  • Independent third party design review and audits
  • QA audits of raw materials and synthetic liner manufacturing
  • QA of material handling and installation
  • QA of  testing
  • CQA reports and preparation of as-built records
  • Construction supervision
  • Contract administration

The geotechnical and engineering department of MJCA provides consultancy services for the design, specification and construction supervision of low permeability barriers for contaminated land and landfill applications. We have extensive practical experience of the design of these systems using natural, synthetic and composite materials.

As part of our integrated approach, we offer independent third party construction quality assurance of the installation of mineral and artificial barriers as well as a design review and audit service to designers, installers, site owners and operators. These third party checks benefit all interested parties by identifying potential design defects at an early stage – reducing the possibility of failure or leakage while providing reassurance of the integrity of the installed low permeability barrier system.

Our independent third party construction quality assurance services for the installation of synthetic liner systems is provided at three crucial stages. Prior to the delivery of the raw materials to the site, we audit the manufacturer’s certification and testing procedures as well as their quality control and quality assurance procedures for the product. At the construction stage we monitor material delivery, storage, handling deployment, seaming, testing, repairing and protecting and carry out independent destructive testing and seam sampling to confirm compliance with the specification. On completion of the works we prepare a construction quality assurance report and as-built records.

We design and undertake geotechnical investigations and laboratory testing programmes to assess the suitability of natural materials for use in the construction of low permeability mineral barriers. We select appropriate geotechnical tests to determine the limiting values of engineering parameters for use in the control of construction.

During construction we provide a range of services including site supervision of compaction, in-situ moisture content and density measurement and verification sampling and testing. On completion of the works we prepare a construction quality assurance report and as-built records.

Our geotechnical and engineering department can provide a comprehensive service at every stage of the activity involving all types of low permeability barriers. Our trained and experienced personnel provide complete peace of mind to individuals and organisations working in this complex field.

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