Water Assessment and Management

  • Water resource assessment and development
  • Hydrogeological investigation, modelling and risk and impact assessments
  • Aquifer and surface water protection
  • Surface water and groundwater monitoring
  • Flood risk assessment and the design of water management schemes

MJCA provides a comprehensive consultancy service in water management and related disciplines. We have practical experience and expertise in assessing the effects of industrial activities on the surface and subsurface aquatic environment and the development of groundwater resources.

Our hydrogeologists have practical experience and technical knowledge which is applied in the evaluation of the hydrogeological impacts of sites using risk based methods. We provide a range of water assessment and management services to industry including the mineral extraction and waste sectors together with developers and government agencies in connection with land development, divestiture and acquisition, environmental incidents, permitting and compliance, litigation and public inquiry work.

Our hydrogeological assessments are prepared for Environmental Permits, planning applications and pollution incidents including hydrogeological impact assessments (HIA) to evaluate development impacts on water resources from dewatering, extraction and processing activities and the preparation of water management schemes and the design of restoration works; hydrogeological risk assessments (HRA) including quantitative methods and groundwater modelling to assess the risks to the quality of the aquatic environment from waste management facilities and contaminated land; and flood risk assessment (FRA) taking into account relevant planning policy and the hydrological characteristics of the development site and designing flood mitigation and surface water management schemes and negotiating suitable proposals with regulators for development in flood risk areas.

Assessments comprise the compilation and interpretation of existing records, planning and design of site work and supervision of the installation of groundwater and surface water monitoring facilities. We interpret the results of the site investigations and recommend designs based on a risk assessment approach which will minimise the impact on the aquatic environment. We advise on water resources, borehole design, pumping tests, aquifer properties and yields and the design of abstraction systems and give guidance on regulatory aspects of water resource projects.

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