Surveying and Computer Aided Design

  • Topographic surveys
  • Three dimensional computer aided design facilities
  • Volumetric analysis of mineral and landfill sites
  • Creation of perspective views and photomontages
  • Plan and section presentation
  • Drainage surveys
  • Setting out building and engineering works
  • Restoration and landscape design

MJCA provides a comprehensive and high quality surveying, computer modelling and design service. We offer expertise in land surveying, computer modelling, volumetric analysis, setting out building and engineering works and in restoration and landscape design. Land surveys are carried out using GPS and total station methods.

We have extensive experience of the application of computer modelling techniques to mineral extraction and landfill site design. Using digital data collected by our surveyors, provided by our clients or processed from clients’ plans, we create digital terrain models as the basis for the design process. Industry best practice designs for quarry profiles, landfill voids and restoration profiles are prepared in plan, cross section 3D mesh or solid surface form, providing a comprehensive and versatile presentation choice.

The 3D modelling software provides fast, efficient and accurate volumetric analysis, facilitating accurate evaluation of volumetric information including the calculation of mineral reserves and landfill void space and the phasing and synchronisation of mineral and landfill operations. Cut and fill volumes for restoration materials, engineered structures and materials storage are calculated.

These services are complemented by a computerised draughting facility which creates or enhances drawings from hard copy or digital formats. Drawings or photographic images are converted into digital format which can be edited and/or enhanced and high quality colour prints are provided.

3D visualisations and photomontages of proposed developments are created using our computerised draughting facilities and modelling software. This produces quick and accurate illustrations of views from any angle or elevation close to the development. Photomontage is a valuable tool, providing images clearly showing the anticipated visual impact of future activities by presenting ‘before and after’ views of any proposed development.

Our range of surveying and computer aided design services provides high quality presentation material for inclusion in planning applications, Environmental Statements and working plans in support of applications for permissions, authorisations and permits.

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