Geotechnical and Ground Engineering Services

  • Ground investigation and geotechnical testing
  • Ground and geotechnical engineering design of quarries and landfill sites
  • Independent third party construction quality assurance of natural and artificial barrier systems
  • Slope investigation design and stability assessment
  • Contract preparation, administration and supervision
  • Design, supervision and verification of contaminated land remediation schemes
  • Project Co-ordination and Design under CDM Regulations

The geotechnical and ground engineering department of MJCA is staffed by engineers and engineering geologists experienced in civil and geotechnical engineering, engineering geology and soil and rock mechanics.

Site assessment services begin with desk studies of the geology, hydrogeology, hydrology, site history and walk over surveys. Second stage investigations include the planning, design and supervision of exploratory drilling, testing and sampling programmes.

Our site investigation service for the assessment of potential landfill sites includes material suitability assessment for the construction of low permeability barriers. We have practical experience in the design and construction of low permeability barrier systems based on engineered natural materials, artificial membranes and composite systems. MJCA provides independent third party construction quality assurance for the installation of barrier systems including a design review and audit service.

Our engineering team specialises in the slope stability assessments necessary for planning and environmental permit applications. Detailed slope stability reports are tailored to meet the specific requirements of clients, the Environment Agency and other stakeholders.

Our services to the mineral extraction industry include assessing and proving mineral reserves, quarry design, slope design, the assessment of current slopes and the design of remedial work. MJCA prepares materials balance assessments together with engineering and materials specifications.

We are experienced in the preparation of contract tender documentation, the assessment of tenders and the supervision of contracts.

Our multidisciplinary teams of environmental chemists, hydrogeologists, geotechnical and civil engineers carry out investigations and assessments of potentially contaminated sites. Remediation options are costed, contracts let and the works supervised. Our integrated approach ensures cost effective and environmentally efficient solutions which consider fully the nature of the contamination sources, existing and future site uses, potential receptors and the pathways between the site and the targets.

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