Mineral Development

  • Mineral resource assessment
  • Planning and environmental impact assessment
  • Quarry design and working plans
  • Geotechnical assessments and civil engineering
  • Restoration
  • Environmental audit
  • Hydrology and hydrogeology
  • Water management
  • Extraction waste management and permitting

MJCA provides a full range of services to mineral extraction companies and landowners – from the initial evaluation of a mineral deposit, through extraction to final restoration. We undertake feasibility studies including consultation with statutory authorities and consideration of relevant planning policies and environmental constraints.

Our comprehensive minerals planning service begins with representations to mineral planning authorities to include sites in the Minerals Development Framework and if necessary, presentation of evidence at Public Inquiries. We project manage the application process for new applications and mineral permission reviews, consulting with statutory authorities and interested parties, preparing supporting documentation and presenting the application to the planning authority and the public. We undertake Environmental Impact Assessments including baseline surveys, the prediction of impacts and the design of necessary mitigation. The planning team regularly provides experienced planning and technical expert witnesses.

We design quarries and prepare working plans to maximise recoverable reserves and minimise the impact of the site on the local environment. Design software is used to present and analyse high quality two and three dimensional drawings and to generate fast, efficient and accurate volumetric analyses.

Our range of geotechnical and civil engineering services includes slope stability assessment and the design of appropriate remedial measures.

MJCA offers a comprehensive range of hydrogeological services including the assessment of the effects of dewatering quarries.  We design water management schemes for the control of surface water and groundwater and the management of process water, including assessment of the risk from flooding to potential development sites in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework and provide assistance with applications for the relevant permits and other consents, including extraction waste permits.

Environmental auditing is a key management tool providing managers with feedback on the quality of site operations and compliance with design criteria. We employ a team of specialist environmental auditors with practical experience of the mineral extraction and associated industries.

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