Providing independent advice on environmental issues
Landfill Design and Management
  • Ground investigation and assessment
  • Site design and assessment
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Applications for planning permission and Development Consent
  • Environmental permit applications
  • Gas control, collection and utilisation
  • Leachate control, collection and treatment
  • Construction quality assurance of liner installation
  • Monitoring, data assessment and audits
  • Restoration
  • Risk and environmental liability assessment
  • Presentation of expert evidence



MJCA has specialised in waste management issues for over 30 years and has extensive practical experience in the assessment, design and management of landfill facilities. Our working knowledge of hundreds of UK sites is unrivalled. We are well positioned to advise on the detail of site investigations, monitoring and working schemes to maximise the potential value of facilities. Our ongoing participation in landfill research and in the development of UK and EU policy ensures that our designs are compatible with evolving practice, policy and research.

Our landfill team formulates and carries out ground investigations to establish the geological and hydrogeological setting and uses computer aided designs to produce high quality, two and three dimensional phasing and design drawings. We design attenuation blankets and low permeability lining systems using natural materials, artificial liners and composite systems.

Assessments of the potential environmental impacts of above or below ground landfill sites include an examination of the geological and hydrogeological characteristics, the planning status, hydrological, ecological and landscape issues, an assessment of the potential impacts of landfill gas, leachate, surface water, nuisance, traffic and noise. We carry out the necessary consultations and negotiations with statutory consultees for both planning and environmental permit applications and provide expert witnesses to present evidence at appeals in support of the developments.

Our extensive experience in the design of landfill containment systems and landfill gas and leachate management systems includes utilisation and disposal of landfill gas and treatment and disposal of leachate. We prepare and implement monitoring systems to demonstrate the effectiveness of landfill designs.

As well as designing and supervising the construction of all forms of liner systems, we provide independent third party construction quality assurance of the installation of natural and artificial liners. We offer a design review and audit service to designers, installers and site owners.

MJCA has practical experience in designing high quality restoration schemes for a variety of uses including pasture, arable, sports, nature conservation, forestry and woodland. Consideration is given to the optimisation of site resources and the integration of the restoration with the existing landscape.

We carry out assessments of risk and environmental liabilities associated with proposed, operational and closed landfill sites and design and install remedial works to minimise liabilities.

We have prepared the only two applications for Development Consent for hazardous waste landfill sites. Each application was the subject of a detailed Environmental Impact Assessment which was prepared by MJCA. We were actively involved in the extensive public consultation with respect to each site and represented the applicatants at the Examinations in Public. For both sites we prepared the Environmental Permit Applications including the detailed quantitive risk assessments. 



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